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Who owns the roads in Paradise Ranch Estates (PRE)?

The roads in PRE are owned collectively by the property owners. Since the roads are private, PRE residents and parcel owners, rather than the County of Marin, are responsible for getting the road maintenance and upgrading done. PRE property owners, tenants and their guests have the right to use these roads for access to properties in PRE.

2. Does Marin County have a role in maintaining PRE’s road system?

It’s mostly administrative. In 1970 the Marin County Board of Supervisors, acting in response to a petition filed by residents of PRE, created the Paradise Ranch Estates Permanent Road Division (PREPRD), a county agency. By statute, the County Supervisors serve as the governing board of the Permanent Road Division. In late 2006, the Supervisors delegated responsibility for PRE road administration to the County Administrator who looks to the County Department of Public Works (DPW) to handle this task.

3. What is PRERAB?

Whereas the PREPRD is a county agency, Paradise Ranch Estates Road Advisory Board (PRERAB) is a volunteer group of PRE residents. PRERAB makes recommendations for repairs and maintenance of PRE’s roads, and vegetation management along the roads. No one from the County of Marin monitors PRE’s roads' conditions, nor do they inspect roads after a major storm. PRERAB members monitor road maintenance needs, supervise contractors working on the roads and plan for the long-term maintenance of the roads in PRE. They work closely, as per statute, with the County Department of Public Works (DPW).

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Note: If you notice a problem with any of our roads, please contact any PRERAB member.

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