Paradise Ranch Estates Road Advisory Board (PRERAB)

Summary of presentation at IRA General Meeting — January 14, 2017

1. Repaving project. Our paved roads need repaving. Last summer we inspected Drakes View Drive with the head of the Marin County Road Department (Craig Parmley) and a former road dept. head (Dick Daly). Their evaluation is that the paving has reached the end of its expected life (25 years) and will deteriorate at a more rapid rate from now on; therefore we should repave now, because it will cost much more to repave later.

We are fortunate that the current paved roads, which were last repaved in 1992, have lasted for 25 years. Some sections of Drakes View Drive even now do not show a lot of deterioration, so it would be possible to repave only the most-degraded sections. However, this does not save much, and would make it likely that we would have to do repaving of those sections well before 25 years from now.

PRERAB has estimated the costs of repaving of Drakes View Drive (and work at critical points on side roads) at a little over $1 million, using 2016 information. These are not contractors’ numbers, only our estimates based on similar recent projects, so the information is only useful for approximating the amount that needs to be financed.

To finance the costs, there will be an election in which you will be asked to approve a per-parcel assessment. This assessment has to be approved by 2/3 of the persons voting in order to pass.

We held an election in 2006 in which an assessment of $185 per parcel per year for 10 years was passed, for the purpose of managing roadside vegetation as well as for adding to our emergency road maintenance fund. This assessment expires at the end of the 2016-2017 tax year. Rather than hold an election this year just for roadside vegetation management, we are waiting until we have enough information to determine the repaving costs and how the repaving costs will be financed.

We do not yet know how the financing will be done. At the last repaving in 1992, the County loaned us the money to do the work, and was repaid over 10 years through a parcel assessment that we voted for. In 2016, the County said it would not finance our project like they did last time. However, we hope to encourage the County to re- examine the financing. If necessary, we will explore other financing options.

We will keep you informed of our progress in getting the financing and the estimated cost per parcel, as well as our progress in determining the details of the repaving project.

Once we get the financing lined up, we will distribute a detailed description of the work to be done and the need for it so you will be informed when you are asked to support the repaving by voting for a parcel assessment. Once the plans and financing are in place, the County will get contractor bids on the job and monitor the progress of the job once it begins.

2. PRERAB meetings are open and you are welcome to attend any of them. We announce them on in advance, and you are welcome to contact any of us for further information. For background information, see the PRERAB page on the IRA website.

3. PRERAB is looking for additional residents to join the Road Board, particularly people who have some expertise in the areas we deal with – roads, vegetation management, finance, law. If you are interested in joining, please contact one of us (or talk to one of us today).

 4.  PRERAB members, as of January, 2017:

Michael Ongerth, chair (415) 663-0774

Ken Drexler, vice chair & secretary (415) 258-8560

John Levy, vice chair (415) 269-4096 (cell)

Tamia Marg Anderson (510) 708-3238 (cell)

Elizabeth McManus (650) 579-4875, (650) 315-4407 (cell)

Ronald Bennett (415) 663-9431

We express our gratitude to the previous PRERAB chair & leader, Laurie Stetson (415) 663-1159, and to her hardworking partner and member of PRERAB, Ed Stetson (415) 663-1159.

And we express our appreciation for his contributions to Joe Burgess and wish him a speedy recovery so he can rejoin us after his leave.