The Paradise Ranch Estates Road advisory Board (PRERAB)

2018 membership

In an emergency, call any member of PRERAB.  If it is not an emergency, we recommend you call the individual who regularly deals with the subject matter of your question.

John Levy, (Planning and construction-related issues; road signs, reflective markers, mirrors)
(415) 269-4096 (cell)

Michael Ongerth (Road maintenance scheduling and planning)
(415) 663-0774

Ken Drexler, Secretary (PRERAB governance, legal issues, budget & finance)
(415) 485-1330

Tamia Anderson (Roadside vegetation management)
(510) 708-3238 (cell)

Elizabeth McManus (DVD repaving project planning)
(650) 315-4407 (cell)

Ronald Bennett (Road maintenance and road paving project)
(415) 663-9431

Joe Burgess (Roadside vegetation management including dead & dying tree removal)
(415) 663-5432
(415) 939-5929 (cell)

Jack Soman                                                                                                         

(415) 663-8307


photo credit: Ed Stetson