Frequently Asked Questions about Road Maintenance

1. Who owns the roads in Paradise Ranch Estates (PRE)?

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The roads are owned collectively by property owners in Paradise Ranch Estates. The roads are on rights-of-way at the edges of PRE lots. All PRE property owners, tenants and their guests have the right to use these roads in PRE.

2. Who is responsible for maintaining the roads?

The roads are maintained by the Paradise Ranch Estates Permanent Road Division (PREPRD), a Marin County administrative agency. PREPRD was formed by the Marin County Board of Supervisors in 1974. The County Supervisors are the administrators of PREPRD. In late 2006, the Supervisors delegated responsibility for road maintenance and repair in PRE to the County Administrator, who works with the County Department of Public Works (DPW). Since the delegation, PRERAB has worked directly with DPW on road matters.

3. What is PRERAB?

Paradise Ranch Estates Road Advisory Board (PRERAB) is a group of PRE residents and property owners who advise DPW on road maintenance matters. PRERAB members volunteer their time to monitor road maintenance needs, supervise contractors working on the roads, and plan for the long-term maintenance of the road system in PRE.

4. How did PRERAB get established?

PRERAB was established in 1982 by the Supervisors after unusually heavy rains caused extensive damage to the roads in PRE. Its purpose was to provide recommendations for the maintenance and repair of the PRE roads. Since PRERAB's establishment, the County has generally followed PRERAB's recommendations.

5. Whom should I call if I have a road-related question?

In an emergency, call any member of PRERAB. If it is not an emergency, we recommend you call the individual who regularly deals with the subject matter of your question. See the list of PRE board members and their subjects.

6. What is the relationship between PRERAB and Inverness Ridge Association (IRA)?

PRERAB is a committee of the Inverness Ridge Association (IRA); they coordinate closely on road and road-related issues. 

7. How else does PRERAB and IRA communicate with people in the neighborhood?

We have an Internet community exchange medium called Nextdoor which can be accessed at To become part of the Nextdoor PRE community, please register with the Nextdoor website, identifying your physical parcel in the neighborhood. If you have any problems with registering, contact John Levy at

8. Is PRERAB looking for volunteers?

If you are interested in becoming a member of PRERAB, please call any one of the members listed above to learn how PRERAB works and how to help.

9. Who does the maintenance & vegetation work on the roads in PRE?

Roads in PRE are maintained by private contractors. In recent years, asphalt roadwork has been done by Inverness Gardening Service. Maintenance on the unpaved roads has been done by Bob Lewis of Environmental Management, a Novato grading contractor. Bob Lewis has also maintained the Marin County Open Space District's 70+ miles of dirt roads for many years. Vegetation management work and SOD tree removal has been done by various contractors, including Pacific Slope Tree Service and Inverness Gardening Service.

10. Who arranges for the vegetation management work along the roads in PRE?

Between 2005 and 2007, this work was arranged by IRA. It included the construction of more than six pullouts along the roads, which improved access for emergency vehicles. Since 2007 this work has been arranged by PRERAB.

11. Where do funds for regular road maintenance come from?

Money for road maintenance comes from property taxes collected from lot owners in PRE.  A portion of regular parcel taxes are allocated to road maintenance. In November 2006, voters in PRE approved a parcel assessment, currently $185 per parcel per year, to pay for road maintenance, including vegetation management along the roads in PRE and to rebuild PRERAB's emergency reserve. In fiscal year 2014-2015, the Permanent Road Division received approximately $70,000 for maintenance from all sources.

12. How was the repaving of Drakes View Drive paid for last time?

The 1993 Drakes View repaving was paid for by a ten-year parcel tax that was approved by the voters in PRE in 1992. In 1993, the paving and related work cost about $182,000. A supplementary parcel tax was used because the regular property tax funds are just sufficient to pay for annual maintenance. Major projects, such as paving of Drake’s View Drive, require a separate source of funding.

We anticipate repaving Drake’s View Drive in the next two years, and therefore will be asking residents to vote to renew and replace the previous parcel tax with a new one to cover the cost of paving plus maintenance.

13. How much was the last repaving parcel assessment?

The supplemental parcel tax assessment for re-paving in 1993 was $174 per parcel for the first year and $110 per parcel each subsequent year until 2002, when it expired. These assessments were listed separately on property tax bills. We anticipate that the cost of repaving will be substantially more the next time. We will be estimating those costs and will communicate more about this.

14. How is a parcel tax assessment established?

A supplemental parcel tax assessment can be adopted by a “yes” vote of two-thirds of voters registered at a PRE address.

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