Allen's Hummingbird, photo: Ed Stetson

The Inverness Ridge Association is a neighborhood association for the homeowners and residents of the Paradise Ranch Estates subdivision accessed by way of Drakes View Drive. The name Paradise Ranch Estates (β€œPRE”) was presumably given by the original developer, Doug Adams, to increase the appeal of the subdivision he was developing in the 1950s.

The IRA serves as both a service and a social organization. As a service organization, the IRA, either directly or through liaison with federal and local government entities, engages in matters directly affecting the safety and well-being of its residents. Among the activities it initiates or directs are the following:

  • fire prevention and disaster coordination, including vegetation management and public (resident) awareness
  • training in disaster response, including managing a radio communication network
  • keeping a roster of PRE residents and homeowners
  • participating in disaster drills in coordination with the Point Reyes Disaster Council
  • on-going communication with local Fire Departments regarding the ever-changing fire safety conditions within and adjacent to PRE
  • maintaining contact with Point Reyes National Seashore officials regarding continued fire safety and road evacuation route(s) accessibility
  • trail clearing under the supervision of National Park Service personnel. 

The Association negotiated our reliable water supply with the North Marin Municipal Water District after the floods of 1982.

The PRE Road Advisory Board (PRERAB) was formed to maintain and improve our private road system, administered by the County and paid for by taxes approved by PRE owners.

Over the years, the IRA has successfully sought more than half a million dollars in grant money to help with fire safety and disaster preparedness.

As a social network the IRA Board provides a venue through its newsletter and its annual General meeting where all who live in PRE can come together. The Annual Meeting includes a brief business meeting, election of board members, and an informative presentation on a topic of current interest followed by a renowned potluck lunch.